D5 150W Plug N Play 4 Speaker System + Soundbar BoostBox® (D5150.4)
D5 150W Plug N Play 4 Speaker System + Soundbar BoostBox® (D5150.4)
D5 150W Plug N Play 4 Speaker System + Soundbar BoostBox® (D5150.4)

D5 150W Plug N Play 4 Speaker System + Soundbar BoostBox® (D5150.4)

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D5 150W Plug N Play 4 Speaker System + Soundbar BoostBox® (D5150.4)


Experience superior sound quality with the D5150.4, our 5 Channel plug-and-play audio system designed specifically for the Evolution D5. Featuring four Hertz DCX 5" speakers and a Memphis MXA150 Amp, this system offers balanced, immersive audio throughout your cart. Unlike the D5100, the D5150.4 fills all four speaker holes, delivering a more immersive audio experience. With our innovative BoostBox®, enjoy enhanced soundbar performance and seamless Bluetooth connectivity. Easy to install and built with professional-grade components, the D5150.4 is the perfect upgrade for any D5 owner seeking top-tier audio quality with a quick & simple installation.

D5150.4 Key Features:

We Sell Convenience, Dependability & Quality: The D5150.4 eliminates the hassle of adding a sound system to your D5. Requiring no wire cutting, no wiring skills, the system is truly plug n play making installation a breeze – even your neighbor Bob, who can't tell a screwdriver from a hammer, could do it. Yes you can spend countless hours shopping and installing your own DIY system (while also risking an electrical issue if you don't know what you're doing), or you can choose the D5150.4 and install it in under an hour with zero concerns that it's not wired correctly or going to cause an issue on your D5. Furthermore, you can’t compare our products to the $40 speakers you found on Amazon. We sell dealer-grade equipment that sounds superior to cheap brands and professionally made harnesses that make installation super simple and easy. Save yourself the headache and let us handle the hard part.

4 Speaker Holes But No Speakers!?!? Why would Evolution build the D5 with 4 speaker holes but not include speakers or wiring for speakers? Because they knew we at BA Carts would create a professional grade plug n play audio system filling all four of those holes, providing D5 owners with a more enjoyable audio experience.

Dispersed Audio For All To Hear. The D5's soundbar, while a cool stock feature, has a less-than-ideal location, creating uneven audio for the driver and rear passengers (typically way to loud for the rear passengers). Our D5150.4 system resolves this with it's plug n play speakers filling all four speaker holes, ensuring balanced audio throughout the golf cart. With synchronized volume control, you can now enjoy tunes comfortably from both the soundbar and four speakers without excessive volume, saving all passengers ears.

Dealer Grade Sound Quality & Equipment. Cheap, poor performing audio equipment is very easily found on the internet nowadays. However, we are a 30 year audio/video business that understands "you get what you pay for" so we utilize Memphis and Hertz Audio equipment in the D5100 which are both very reputable and dependable manufacturers that produce great sounding audio equipment.

Dealer Grade Wiring. Our mission with our plug n play sound systems is not to hide our secrets and sell you a product that looks like it was wired by a novice. Our mission is to offer golf cart owners a safe and reliable audio solution, featuring professionally wired equipment typically unavailable without a visit to an audio shop. The wiring found in the D5100 features soldered connections with heavy duty heat shrink, marine grade connectors, and split loom, so yes, it may sound great and it might be easy to install, but most importantly, the D5100 is wired to the best of our professional ability.

Plug N Play Installation - Zero Wiring Skills Required. The D5150.4 requires zero wire cutting and zero wiring skills because every item simply plugs right into each other. So while your buddy spends late nights wrestling the wires in his D5 trying to install the audio equipment he bought so he could "save money and do it himself", you can just drive by his house smiling and waving while you're jamming to your favorite music in your D5 with your new sound system that took you an hour to install.

Soundbar Boostbox® - Clean Audio Signal. When you're aiming for an audio system that meets the highest expectations, having a clean, clear, and rich audio signal is non-negotiable. Our BoostBox goes beyond just doubling the D5's soundbar performance – it's also the brains behind the D5100 system, ensuring your setup gets a top-notch audio signal. With aptX Bluetooth technology, you're not just hearing music; you're immersed in a premium audio experience that starts with a superior signal

Soundbar BoostBox® - Superior Soundbar Performance. The Soundbar BoostBox® is not just the plug-and-play head unit for the D5100 sound system, it also doubles the D5 soundbar's performance, making the entire system a 2 for 1 audio upgrade. The BoostBox pushes the soundbar to play twice as clean, twice as loud, while also removing the high pitch whine coming from the soundbar which is popular issue amongst D5 owners (The D5100 speakers are also whine free). So when adding the D5100 system to your Evolution, you're not just adding speakers to the front of your vehicle, you're also upgrading the soundbar's audio output.

For more info on the the Soundbar Boost Box, visit our boostbox page, read about it on the ordering guide, or watch our Youtube video.

Continuous Playing. Out of the factory, the D5's soundbar will stop playing music once you put your D5 in reverse. We respect this setting as it is a nice safety reminder letting you know that you're in reverse and not in drive. However, it drives most D5 owners mad. Our BoostBox does not shut off, so you can still enjoy your tunes through your D5100 speakers and soundbar even when you're backing up!

Stereo Audio. The D5 touchscreen only produces left channel audio, so the soundbar only plays the left channel and if you wire in a sound system to the touchscreen, that sound system will also only play the left channel to. (New style Cuboid soundbar plays Stereo but backwards). This lack of one channel is detrimental to the overall audio experience because 99% of music is recorded and published in stereo sound. However, with our Soundbar BoostBox®, the soundbar and the speakers in the D5150.4 both play in full stereo, providing all D5 passengers with a much more robust sound.

Don't believe us? Listen to this video on your D5 without our boost box and then with! VIDEO Or listen to the song "A Day In The Life" by The Beatles. First listen to the first 60 seconds on your phone, then listen to it connected to your D5, you'll notice that you cannot hear John Lennon's voice when he starts singing because his voice is recorded on the right channel to start the song (and the right channel does not work on the factory D5 system) *Does not apply to Cuboid soundbar.

Easy Function. Once installed, turn your cart on, connect your phone to the boost box via bluetooth, start playing your music app, and control your audio all through your phone. That easy, and after you connect your phone to the box once, it will automatically connect each time you turn your D5 on!


Customer Service. Enough with this outsourcing customer service, virtual assistant, crap. We designed, developed and manufacture the D5100 in house, so if you have questions or concerns about the product, you get to talk to us, who understands our product inside and out.

Is the D5150.4 The Right System Option For You?

The D5150.4 plug n play system is for the D5 owner that does not just want to enjoy the benefits of our Soundbar BoostBox®, but would also like to add tunes to the front and rear of their D5 by installing a simple, affordable, plug n play, 4 speaker sound system! Plugging right into our Soundbar BoostBox, the D5150.4 features a 150 Watt Memphis Amp and (4) Hertz 5" Speakers that play in sync with your soundbar, so not only will you enjoy the increased performance of your soundbar, you will experience a fully immersive audio experience by having speakers in the front and in the rear of your D5!

Lastly, the D5150.4's price and performance are both miniscule when compared to our premium plug n play sound system, the D5600 (Stealth Sub option is only available with D5600 system) So if you don't care to have a sound system that makes your D5 sound like a concert on wheels, nor do you want to pay for a system that provides that kind of experience, then the D5100 is your best choice!

Why bypass the touchscreen audio?!

The D5150.4 utilizes our Soundbar BoostBox as the head unit which bypasses the touchscreen, so you lose the AM/FM Radio and USB Audio functions on your D5. But why would we chose to lose those functions with our systems? The short answer is that we had to chose between quality audio or the radio (which is very seldom used by D5 owners, we know this because we asked thousands of owners)

The touchscreen produces poor audio signal and also produces multiple high pitched whines, pops, and noises that D5 owners find very annoying. Well if a sound system utilizes the touchscreen as it's head unit, that system is just making the poor quality audio and noises louder (you think the noises coming out of the soundbar now are annoying now? Imagine if you heard those noises from speakers right in front of you).

To keep this brief, we did not feel comfortable selling an audio product that sounds sub par because the head unit is hindering our audio equipment. A popular misconception is that "the better the speakers and amp you install, the better the sound will be" and albeit true if you have great audio signal, it's far from true if your signal sucks. The quality of the audio signal coming from the head unit is the most important factor when putting a great sound system together. You could have the worlds best speakers and amplifier but if your head unit's audio signal is poor (like the touchscreen's signal is), then your overall sound is going to be poor to.

Don't Want To Lose Your Radio But Also Want To Upgrade Your Audio?


  • Tune-In Radio and IHeart Radio are both apps that you can download on your phone allowing you to listen to virtually every terrestrial AM/FM radio station in the world through the internet. So yes, you have to use your phone to listen to your favorite FM channel but now you no longer have to worry about the station cutting in and out while driving (you just need service on your phone). If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, then download the apps below, the Tune-In app will have more stations than IHeart!



Ordering Guidance:

  • The D5150.4 is the same system as the D5100 but it includes two more speakers for the rear speaker holes (also includes new harness to plug all 4 speakers in). Since the 4 speakers are powered by the same amp as the 2 speakers are in the D5150.4, the overall volume potential will not be any greater in the 150.4 than the 100. However, with audio coming out of 4 speakers spread throughout the D5 (plus the help of the Soundbar), the audio feels/sounds more Full or Big as you have music firing more directions than that of the D5100. (Plus, if you really just want to cover all 4 speaker holes instead of only 2, then the D5150.4 is the answer)
  • Do not confuse the D5150.4 with the D5600. The foundational power components in the D5100/150.4 are entirely different then the D5600. The speakers in the D5150.4 are powered by a 150W amp that plugs into dash of D5. The D5600 has a 600W Hertz amp that is bolted and wired to our Heavy Duty PowerPlate and includes different harness for speakers, for Stealth Sub, for the 30A Reliance Voltage Reducer, and has the ability to power both 4 speakers and our D5 Stealth Sub. If you want 4 speakers and our D5 Stealth Sub, or you want 4 speakers now and the D5 Stealth Sub later, then you must purchase the D5600 system. The D5100/150.4 do not feature the components to power and run the D5 Stealth Sub (The D5600 does).
  • The D5150.5 plugs right into our Soundbar BoostBox, so if you are not quite sure if you're ready to indulge in a plug n play audio system, you can take baby steps and purchase the BoostBox first, and then later purchase the D5100, D5150.4 or D5600 and plug any of those systems right into your BoostBox!.


  • Evolution D5 Ranger & Maverick (4 and 6 passenger) (Any year to current)

* This system is specifically built for the D5 model. If you have a D2 model (Plus, Pro, Carrier, Forester), then go to our D2 accessory section here on our online store and you'll find the D2 PowerPlate!


Soundbar BoostBox® (Unless you already own a boostbox)

(4) Hertz DCX 5" Speakers With Grills

(1) Memphis MXA150.4 AMPLIFIER

Plug N Play Power Harnesses

3M Doubled Sided Tape

Zip Ties

Written Instructions

Installation Instructions:

Digital Instructions will be emailed to you upon ordering but written instructions will also be included in package.



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